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 ~ Purpose of this forum ~

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PostSubject: ~ Purpose of this forum ~   Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:14 am

Well, i guess some of us might want to know what is the reason i create this forum ? and some even miss understood it as a website like frienster, facebook or some thing like that. The Purpose of the forum are as below :

- Sever as a E-notice board between lecturers and students
- Lecturers or our Head of Biotechnology Department can post up any urgent announcements here without calling up one by one.
- More communication between students and lecturers
- Students can excess to the announcements without going back to school to check for any new notice or announcements.
- Replace MSN when the msn server down, we have a live chat room like MIRC here.
- Post or dedicate a message to our classmate or group member etc ...

As you can see, this will serve as a space for us to communicate between lecturers and student. For example, Let say happen to our head of Biotech, Dr. Renee have an urgent announcement for us and if she post it at the notice board at faculty of Applied science during this period of time (final exam period or studying week), then i guess most of us will not get the message as we might not be going to college or Uni to check the notice board during the studying week but if Dr. Renee post it in our forum here, i can ensure all of us will get the message or notice since it is in the forum and it will be there 24/7 and we also no need to travel all the way to Uni just to check for any announcement. So i guys, i hope this forum will really benefits everyone. Thank you for support.

Best regards.
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~ Purpose of this forum ~
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